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Fortune Pilot
Fortune Pilot is a professional metaphysics software series developed by Babelland Technology Limited. We are specialized in information technology and Chinese astrology. Our products include a series of Chinese life-prediction software products and website. In particular our pioneered BaZi product "8LifeSymbols" (八字天機), which is the first in the world to calculate the specific complex calculations in BaZi (八字) by the computer, and has been earning a high reputation since its release in 2003. Our products has been widely worldwide, such as the Mainland China, Taiwan, South-east Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia), Japan, America (Canada and US) as well as Europe. It is highly appraised and considered as an authoritative standard.

Babelland Technology Limited
Babelland Technology Limited is a Hong Kong based company. We have our vision to computerize, systemize and modernize the traditional Chinese culture in I-ching, fortune telling, fengshui and astrology, we are committed to develop innovative technology products in the field of metaphysics.